Still buzzing from Britmums Live

Has it really been five sleeps since Britmums Live?

It feels as though it was yesterday and months ago both at the same time.

I still have not managed to bump back down to earth completely. I am on too much of a high from such a fantastic two days.

I can’t remember much, a blur of faces, a flurry of hello’s, numerous hugs and lots of names. I met people I had been meaning to meet for ages, caught up with people I have met before, made new friends, made new contacts and came away with a whole new perspective on my life as a blogger.

Like Viv, I am also of the hope that the word blogger disappears, I feel that is diminishes what we do, makes it sound insignificant, makes us sound like we can not achieve anything and that we sit here just spouting rubbish onto the internet. Now yes we do that occasionally but we also do amazing things. We support each other, we do fantastic things for charity and as a community we are unbelievable. All over the country we sit behind out phones, ipads and laptops. We each have our own corner of the internet but band us together and we make things trend on twitter, we make people take notice and we drink a hell of a lot of wine.

I only went to two sessions over the two days and one of those I was speaking in. I had planned to go to a lot more but always looked at the time just a little too late. I was enjoying catching up with people and forging new friendships. I was loving talking to the various brands in attendance including the Butlins team and Warner Bros, both of whom were there last year as well.

I come across as a really confident person, so many people could not believe me after my session when I told them how much I was shaking and how nervous I was. It went really well although there was so much that was not said. I could have kept answering questions and talking for hours.

I am still scared about speaking at Blog On in a few weeks. I know you will all be gentle with me and it is one of those things where I am so excited to be seeing everyone but at the same time petrified that it will all go wrong.

I was worried about going to Britmums Live, I had put on and then lost a lot of weight over the last year with all the stress and upheaval we have had. I didn’t know what to wear but thankfully I had a lovely sponsor who swooped in at the last moment. They reimbursed me my costs and the best bit is that they clothed me. I had two tops, a pair of trousers, a pair of jeans and some pyjamas. Just the right amount to get me through the two days. My sponsor who I also shared with Mummy Barrow (who also looked fab in her outfits) was Curvissa. I fell in love with so many of the clothes on their site that I have since spent over £200 on new clothes with them.

I had so many compliments on the two different tops I was wearing over the weekend. I felt extremely comfortable in them and didn’t once worry about how I looked. The tops were so flattering that I don’t even remember sucking in my tummy at any point. Maybe it was the clothes or maybe it was all the amazing accepting people I was with. Whatever it was I wish I could feel like in my everyday life and that is why i will be wearing Curvissa to Blog On too.

I want to write so much more about the people I met, the friendships I renewed and the hugs I received.  I want to say thank you to all of the people who asked about Elizabeth. I want to hug you all again and see you as I go shopping in the supermarket or out to the pub. I want to live in a town that is occupied completely by bloggers. I am working on making sure all the local bloggers form a fantastic community and it is going well, most of my Manchester Blogs Up North buddies couldn’t be at Britmums Live this year but they are coming next year and I cant wait to show them how fantastic it is.

Next June is a long way off and even though I have my ticket stowed nicely in my email box I am glad that my blogging calendar has a few other things to look out for in 2013.

Blog On – 21st July
Plus North – 7th September
Britmums meetup – 11th September
Blog Summit – 14th September
Britmums Food – 23rd November

Busy Busy year! I hope to see some of you at some of these events!