Staying Safe in Dangerous Areas You Want to Visit

Staying safe is your number one priority when travelling the world. There are dangerous places, from mountains to river rapids, and you never know when something will happen. Being with otters, doing your research and planning for any eventuality all go a long way to abiding danger.

Travel in a Group

Travelling alone can be a great experience and the adventure you want. But there is safety in numbers, and the chances of emergency rescue are greatly increased when you travel with family. Friends or even a tour guide, can also help prevent incidents and accidents, and you can all support each other in the event that something pretty nasty unfortunately happens.

Research the Dangers of Staying Safe

Some places are more dangerous than others. But there is always some level of safety concern. Hobbies like climbing mountains for hiking come with an element of risk, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. And even some cities can be extremely dangerous for tourists. Always know and understand where you are and what the immediate dangers are going to be.

Have a Plan of Action

From leaving your home to getting back safely, there needs to be a plan for your personal safety. Every step in between is potentially dangerous, and risk management is a must. For instance, letting others know where you are at every step will greatly increase the chances of being rescued in a bad incident. See the infographic below for some helpful travel safety advice:

Infographic designed by NG Mountaineering