Stave Off the Chills Without Breaking the Bank

As a parent, you’re always faced with tough decisions. Should you be more lenient on your kids, or more strict? Should you let them eat a little junk food, even though you know they should be filling their tummies with wholesome fruit and veg? And for those families on a budget, making tough calls doesn’t end there. As the chills of winter continue to close in, how does one balance the comfort of your family against the need to save money where possible? Fortunately, there are a few ways you can keep the heat on without going broke. And here they are.


Having proper insulation is essential for ensuring that you make the most out of the existing heat in your home. Almost two-thirds of all heat in the home is lost through the walls and roof. However, seeing that your house is properly fitted with good quality insulation, all that heat won’t go to waste. It’s all very well having a beautiful gas stove, but if most of the heat you’re generating is literally disappearing into thin air, it defeats its purpose. Whilst the initial outlay for insulation can be fairly substantial, the overall savings on your heating bill will more than justify the investment, especially over time.

Sealing the Gaps

You’d be surprised at what can be achieved for very little money. And this particular trick is well worth the trouble before you go splashing out a new heater or boiler. If your home is a fair few years old, there is a good chance that you are losing hot air through cracks or gaps around the windows. The best way to check is to light an incense stick or a large match and hold it next to the seals in your windows. If notice smoke escaping through the cracks, then that is a sign that heat is escaping too. But not to worry: some standard sealant from a hardware store will solve the issue immediately.

Great Alternatives

It’s never easy balancing the needs of your family with the financial constraints of your home income. Things like heating and electricity bills all add up, so many alternatives to spending big money should be welcomed with open arms. Hopefully, that is how you’ll feel about the advice given here.