Star Wars Month – A dedication to all things geeky

I may be a wee bit excited about the fact that today is the first of November and that is because we are almost at the day I have been waiting for all year. ever since I heard that the new Star Wars film will be released in 2015 I have been teased with sneak peaks of some of the amazing toys and gadgets that are being released to support the film and finally the embargoes have been lifted and I actually have all of these fabulous things in my house and yes I have finally had to admit to my own geekiness. I mean I always knew I was a little bit of a geek but with this release I can no longer hide it from the world so I am here to dedicate the month of November to all things Star Wars. Over in my review section I will be publishing a different Star Wars review every day during November to help give you some hints and ideas on what you should be buying for the geek in your life this Christmas. I have games, gadgets, toys and awesome tech that I am going to show you as well as stationery, stocking fillers and items for your house.
For now it is time to let the countdown begin and if you haven’t seen the trailer yet then set your eyes on this then join me in the ultimate geek paradise and prebook your tickets to go and see it in cinemas on the 17th December!