What Star Wars gifts should you buy for Christmas

As a huge Star Wars fan, I am massively excited about today’s Rogue One film release and you will find me camped out at my local cinema later on with the kids to watch the new film. Trying to explain to them just where in the story Rogue One lies has been a little bit tricky but I think they finally understand that it comes between Episode 3 and Episode 4.

Anyway, as my interests lie solely within the geeky realms of Harry Potter, Pokemon and Star Wars I thought I would put together a gift guide for those of you who are struggling to find the perfect gift for the Star Wars lover in your life. Believe me, it was hard to be able to narrow it down to just a few items.

Replacing their over watched, more than likely slightly scratched DVDs of the original trilogy and that other one we don’t like to speak about would certainly make you popular although it would also mean you will spend Christmas day and Boxing day rewatching them all over again so make sure you are prepared for that. Both trilogies are available on Amazon for just £12 each at the moment.

If they like colouring and getting creative then these books would be fantastic. The first one is brand new but looks a bit like one of those adult colouring books. The second one is one that I bought for my daughter last year and I loved it so much I stole it. It contains some brilliant pages were you get to give people beards, add new characters, drawn new life forms and all sorts of random doodles.


If you are looking for Star Wars toys then you will be spoilt for choice as there is so much currently available. We are huge fans of the Jakks Pacific Big Figs range  which look great on display and obviously Lego have provided us with some brilliant sets too. If money was no object then I would definitely want to own this Death Star but if you need to watch the pennies then this AT-ST packs a lot of features for the money.

It is Christmas jumper season and no one does geeky Christmas jumpers as well as Numskull. I have had so many compliments about their jumpers that I feel the need to tell everyone about them. They don’t just do star wars so do go and check them out, you can find them for sale on the Yellow Bulldog website along with loads of other geeky stuff.

Talking of geeky stuff I have found the most amazing website that is filled with all sorts of fantastic geeky yet useful items. Unfortunately, not all of it is available to be shipped to the UK but if you are in the US then I highly recommend you check out Think Geek. It is on my list to drive to one of their shops when we are in Florida next year just to see how much of their stuff I can fit in my suitcase. I absolutely love this Chewbacca Camera bag!