So what do Dads want for fathers day?

Whenever it comes down to buying something for Hubby I always struggle. Unless there is a new game out that he wants or he is running out of aftershave I find myself at a complete loss. This year I did a shout out on twitter to see what brands and pr companies where recommending we buy for all those doting daddy’s.



Top of Hubby’s favourite review item list is his gorgeous red sodastream that we received. The review post isn’t up yet because he wont let me use it which can be irritating when you need to write about it. I am waiting for an opportune time to have a go. A brilliant and slick looking device that will have dads dreaming of their childhood, or maybe that is just hubby.


Slumberdown Anti Snore Pillow

I love new pillows. In fact I think a new pillow is a fantastic gift but as i was sent it for Hubby I dutifully handed it over. His pillows are now so much more plump than mine. It has lasted a long time too, not sure if it stops him snoring as I am usually asleep but it is really comfy.


Copilot Live

This is one awesome bit of software. I will be reviewing it in full soon but it is basically like having a really good sat nav on your phone. I hate using navigation or google maps and the voices are never very loud and the instructions are confusing. This is fabulous and it even shows things like the lanes of a road and which lane you should be in which is particularly useful when driving through somewhere you don’t know.


Revell Cager IR Helicopter

Another item we have been sent to review is a cross between a ball and a helicopter. Its definitely different to the other helicopters I have seen and it has already grabbed his attention and got the girls interested and it only arrived on Monday.


Takkoda Pet Cover

If you have a dog or cat lover with a sense of humour there are some fabulous items on sale on this site. I love this Dogfather ipad case. Hubby loves the Godfather film and this is so cute. They have loads of variations available for different animals and products so you are bound to find something fitting.


For those who have lost their Marbles

A perfect joke present or maybe even something for your dad’s dad. Marbles are not the same as they once were and these look fantastic. I bet they can spend the day teaching the young ones how to play and say “when i was a young boy….”


Football Stadium Tour

My Hubby is an avid Manchester United fan, we even had our wedding reception at Old Trafford. He would love a tour like this for all the family to enjoy especially as there is now some silver wear in the cabinet. I can’t wait to go and have a look around either but don’t tell him that.


Space Invaders Wallet and Cufflinks

For the dads who still think they are cool this is an ideal gift. We have this to review as well so I will let you know what we think over the coming weeks. I do love the look of the cufflinks though and the wallets colours are lovely and bright.


Marvel Lego Super Heroes

We all know that Dads are just kids who never grew up so why not feed that inner child with some Lego. The new Marvel sets are perfect for fans of the avengers films. Hopefully we will have some of this in our next Lego ambassador box.


MKW Car Mouse

If you have a car fan in the house then this could be perfect. A computer mouse with amazing attention to detail. I love this Aston Martin one. There is a special offer with discount code FD13 available too. Lucky my hubby is more of a football fan so this isnt for him but I think its cool.


Gallo Family Film Night

A bottle of wine, a great film and some quality time together. Add in all the thought that they have put into how to theme your evening and you can have lots of fun with this. We love comedy films and you cant go wrong with wine so I am looking forward to reviewing this.

All days are different so trying to find something perfect for all of them would be really hard but hopefully I have found some great ideas for you. Don’t forget to check out some of the reviews in the lead up to Fathers day on what we thought of some of these products.

Hubby said he only wants a kiss and a cuddle from his little angels but I bet he won’t say no to the spa day we have booked him or the presents the girls have chosen.