So I am going to Blog On #BlogOnMOSI

Mmmmm well not so much going but hosting would be the preferable word.

Those who don’t know I run Blogs Up North.

On 21st July I will be hosting a blogging conference in Manchester for 70 bloggers. It is one of those scary and exhilarating things I seem to get myself into. I have loved organising it all but now it is a little bit too real.

However I have a plan. You see there is wine. In fact the wine is currently in my house. I might be drunk by 10:30am purely due to nerves.

You see you might be nervous about coming and meeting new people but me, I have to stand in front of you all and speak. I spoke at Britmums Live as part of a panel and I was shaking the whole way through. I was very glad that I was sat down.

I wont be sat down this time and I also wont have four other lovely ladies on the stage with me. I think I am going to puke with nerves just thinking about it.

So anyway. Who am I? My name is Laura and I blog here obviously. I have two daughters Elizabeth who is 5 and has Leukemia and Alison who is 3 and is a tom boy. I also have a darling Hubby who has recently started a gaming review section on my blog. He is too damn lazy to do his own I reckon.

I am nearly at the dreaded 30 point but at least I will be celebrating that in style next year.

I have been a qualified accountant, ofsted registered childminder and a systems administrator as well as a burger flipper in McDonalds.

I am now a self employed stay at home mum helping to bring together brands and pr’s with northern bloggers and enjoying living life to the full.

Being a blogger is a wonderful thing once you embrace it and I have had unbelievable support from the community through some tough times, I have made amazing friends and taken part in some incredible experiences. As a family we have done things we would never have done if I didn’t blog and I see the life enrichment of blogging as my main reason to carry on.

Blog On was a dream I had back in January.

In eleven days it will be a reality.

Be gentle with me.