So how are we doing?

The kids have been back at school for a week and hubby has been under my feet for a little bit longer. I think the reality of being a stay at home dad is starting to sink in and the idea that you have a lot of time whilst the kids are at school is slowly fading away in front of his eyes.

I went to London yesterday and was back by four o’clock. I came home, looked around and couldn’t resist asking him what he had done all day. It was a phrase I knew well from his days in the office.

Ok so the house is a little bit more organised with the kids washing actually folded up and put away and there isn’t a huge pile of washing up to me done but apart from that not much has changed.

I expected the house to be immaculate. I expected organisation. I expected no clutter. I expected a show home standard of cleanliness. So maybe I expected too much but you have to aim high.

I don’t think he has quite got into the groove of things just yet and he is still finding himself procrastinating. Our main issue is lack of time at the weekend. Our calendar has been crazy for the past few months and there is not much respite to be had in the coming weeks. I have conferences, days out, theatre trips and events in London to contend with. I think he needs to put a rota in place. Deciding which day he will do what and sticking to it.

He has also started to complain about our household appliances. The iron is rubbish and takes to long to iron the kids uniform. The washing machine lasts for over an hour even on a quick wash and the vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up all the dirt. I agree with him on the vacuum cleaner. It is pretty rubbish but when he blew the last one up a few months ago I didn’t have any spare cash for a new one. I found one of offer and that was what he got. What he would really like is a dyson. Now personally I think that £300 is a lot of month for a vacuum cleaner, but then again I am not the one who uses them. If I added up this cost of the vacuum cleaners I have bought in the last five years I could more than likely have bought two dysons and they do have a five year guarantee on them. I suppose its the age old saying that you have to spend money to save money. So to make my Hubby more of a happy house husband I think I need to invest in some decent cleaning equipment and start saving some money from writings like this to put towards the cost of buying him his dream Christmas present. He may want a PS4 but I am sure a Dyson would do instead right?