Visit the Slytherin Common Room for the very first time – Warner Bros Studio Tour London

Time to show your dark side and explore the Slytherin common room for the very first time at Warner Bros Studio Tour London. From Friday 3rd April to Sunday 6th September, Slytherin will be celebrated at the tour in various ways.

We absolutely love visiting Warner Bros Studio Tour London and are excited to be able to visit the Slytherin Common Room without the use of Polyjuice potion. Visitors will be able to gather around the large fireplace and look at the sofas featured in the scene when Harry and Ron snuck into the common room as Crabb and Goyle.

The Great Hall will be decorated with Slytherin house banners as if they had won the house cup but above the teacher’s table, the Gryffindor house banners will be displayed in reference to the final scenes in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Costumes belonging to some of Slytherin’s witches and wizards such as the Malfoys and Voldemort himself will be on display showing the various looks throughout the years.

Warner Bros Studio Tour continues to entice visitors to return with more and more exhibits and events happening every year. From the Forbidden forest, Platform 9 and 3/4 to the vaults of Gringotts, there is so much to see that you need to make sure you have plenty of time to explore.

Alison is a Slytherin and she can’t wait to head back to the studio and explore her common room and see her house celebrated.

You can book your tickets to visit the Slytherin Common Room and all the other amazing exhibits here