Slimming World – Meal Plan Week one

Last night I headed to my local Slimming World group to learn how the plan has changed and sign up. Being back on the Slimming World wagon means I need to get planning for the week ahead. As it is my first week back I want to try really hard to ensure I lose as much as I can to really give myself a big boost and get me on track for my interim target. I set an interim target of 3 stone by Christmas but that is really only half of what I need to lose so I won’t stop there.

So anyway this is my meal plan for this week. I might swap and move some things around between the days and I need to work out how to get my 2 Healthy Extra A choices as I am dairy free but I am sure I will work it out. This weeks meal plan isn’t very adventurous. The meals are family favourites using ingredients we currently have in our house.

Thursday (HiFi bars for b choice)

Breakfast – Omelette with cheese

Lunch – Steak and mushrooms

Dinner – Maggi Tender Chicken, new potatoes and green beans

Friday (cereal for b choice)

Breakfast – Weetabix and strawberries

Lunch – Jacket Potato, tuna and salad

Dinner – Sausage pasta

Saturday (bun for b choice)

Breakfast –  Poached eggs, mushrooms and beans

Lunch – chicken drumsticks and salad

Dinner – Burgers and Wedges

Sunday (toast for b choice)

Breakfast – Scrambled egg and onions/mushrooms

Lunch – Beans on toast

Dinner – pork steaks, mash and steam fresh vegetables

Monday (pitta for b choice)

Breakfast – Omelette

Lunch – Peri chicken pitta bread with salad

Dinner – Spaghetti bolognese

Tuesday – Travel and Overnight stay (pitta for b choice)

Breakfast – Fruit

Lunch – 3 Mini Wholemeal Pitta bread with ham salad

Dinner – Nandos or Wagamama

Wednesday – Travel (pitta for b choice)

Breakfast – Fruit

Lunch – Subway salad

Dinner – Chicken paella


Snack choices  – vegetable sticks, bananas, oranges, tuna, boiled eggs, ham slices