Six stropping on Sixteen

Oh how I look back and remember the terrible twos, the troublesome threes, the fighting fours and the ferocious fives. Looking back wishing for those days as the stroppy six’s over shadow our everyday lives. 

See every one warns you about the terrible twos, you almost feel relieved when the tantrums start because you had been holding your breath waiting for it for so long but it never seems to end. In fact it seems to get worse with each passing year. 

The stroppy six’s are now in full swing in the Tired Mummy of Two household as Elizabeth seems to want to fight us at every step. Get out of bed, not a chance. Get dressed for school, no way. Do your homework, you have to be kidding. No matter what we ask her to do there is always some kind of stroppy tantrum involved. In fact she is beginning to think she is a grown up and is starting to boss her sister around too. 

I really did think I was alone in this battle against my six year old who acts and thinks like a teenager but after discussing it with some blogger friends it seems that it is just an age thing. I can only cringe when I think about her teacher dealing with a whole class full of kids going through this very stage all at the same time. Just how do they get anything done? 

With the SATs on the horizon the added stress at school is seriously impacting her behaviour at home and we have had to start putting some additional discipline techniques in place. Fighting with her sister sends them both to their separate rooms for 10 minutes, not doing her homework when asked means she can’t place any computer games that day and back chatting (which is the latest thing) means that she loses some toy privileges. 

In a month she turns Seven and I am really not looking forward to whatever mood change that will bring. Surely if this carries on then the Teenage years will be easy? 

What happened to these little cuties? Anyone know how to turn back the clock?