Silestone worktops – perfect for a family kitchen

Karen works for Planet Granite and is interested in interior design. She loves writing about home interiors and finds getting the right material to be the most important part of a happy home.

Every mum dreams of her perfect kitchen, whether that be a large family room for baking sessions or a stylish kitchen to accommodate friends; kitchens are one of the most important rooms in the family home.

It can sometimes be difficult to keep your family kitchen looking clean and damage free. Wouldn’t a kitchen worktop that looks great, resists stains, scratches and bacteria, make our lives so much easier? Stunning Silestone worktops are the answer! Silestone is made up of 94% quartz making it extremely hard and resilient and therefore a perfect choice for your family kitchen.

Take a look at my 5 reasons why Silestone worktops are my number one choice for family kitchens.

1. Scratch Resistant

Over the years family worktops can suffer from everyday wear and tear but with Silestone you don’t need to worry.  Quartz is one of the hardest minerals known to man, making Silestone very durable with a high level of resistance to external aggressions. There is no longer a need for chopping boards, as Silestone allows you to cut straight onto it without making a scratch.  

2. Bacterial Protection

Having a bacteria free kitchen is important and even more so when you have a family. Kitchen’s easily attract germs, that’s why its important to keep it as hygienic as possible. Silestone has silver ions infused into it when made which gives it unique bacteriologic properties, resulting in the bacteria losing the ability to multiply. It has been proven that after several hours, there will be less bacteria on a piece of Silestone, than on any other kitchen surface.

3. Impact Resistant

Worktops in family homes can have a hard life. However, Silestone is made up of 94% quartz and is therefore a super resilient stone. It has the ability to withstand scratches, knocks, items being dropped on it, stains, scolds and mould too. Silestone lasts for years which makes it a lifelong investment for your kitchen.

4. Stain Resistant

Silestone is a non-porous surface and highly resistant to harsh stains; spilt coffee or red wine will no longer be a problem. Everyday products can easily be wiped away without leaving a mark, keeping your kitchen looking as good as new.

5. Colours and Textures

Silestone will give your family kitchen a stylish look.  As its a man-made material Silestone can be manipulated easily allowing for curves and bends to suit your kitchen. You will often see stylish integrated sinks achieving an inclusive streamlined look.

Silestone is also available in 60 different colours, allowing you to choose the perfect colour to suit your kitchen, as well as being able to choose from 3 different textures including polished, matte and extra rugged.

For all those mums planning their ideal kitchen, be sure to add Silestone to your list.

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