SilentNight Sleepy Stories Competition #MySleepSecret

Reading a bed time story has always been part of our routine when it comes to getting the kids into bed and fast asleep. We started when they were just babies but they have now progressed to reading their kindles before falling asleep.
We have always seen the importance of reading before bed and the new Silentnight campaign called Sleepy Stories helps to take that even further. If you have a child between the ages of 6 to 12 then they can enter this fabulous competition to get their story turned into a book and win a new Silentnight bed, £1000 worth of books for their school and a huge Silentnight hippo and duck cuddly toy.

To enter the children need to visit and write a story based on the Hippo and Duck characters that is between 250 and 500 words. To get their creative juices flowing I spent the weekend with my niece Jessica who helped to put together the story of how Hippo met Duck and how they became best friends.

Once upon a time, Harriet the Hippo decided she needed to have a wash so she headed down to the local watering hole.  Harriet started off on the long walk through the wavy grass to the watering hole all by herself. She passed many pairs of animals who were chatting away to themselves. She passed the giraffe and the parrot who was playing a game to see who could reach the tallest leaf on the tree. She passed the elephant and the snake who was seeing who could tie themselves into the biggest knot. She passed the lion and the mouse who was seeing who could chew through the vines the quickest. Where ever she went she saw animals who were friends and she felt sad. No one wanted to play with a Hippo.

Finally, Harriet arrived at the watering hole and jumped in making a great big splash. As she came back to the surface she saw a flash of yellow in the reeds and hear a weird crying sound. Harriet went towards the noise and came across a small yellow duck with a trapped wing. Harriet introduced herself to the duck and asked if she was ok. Dotty the duck was scared of Harriet because of her size but she couldnt get away because her wing was stuck. She asked Harriet if she could help to free her.

Harriet helped to break the reeds that had trapped Dotty’s wing and invited her back to her house to get it fixed up. Dotty was very tired so she sat on Harriets back all the way back to her house. When Harriet arrived home she realised that Dotty had fallen fast asleep so she put her in bed and bandaged up her wing without waking her.

When Dotty woke up the next morning she found Harriet curled up on the bed next to her in her stripy pyjamas. Dotty had never felt so rested after such a good night sleep and already her wing was already starting to feel better. Harriet and Dotty soon became the best of friends and had fun seeing who could swim the fastest and who could make the biggest splash and at the end of every fun packed day Harriet and Dotty headed home and curled up nice and tight in their SilentNight Bed.

The End