Shabby Chic French Furniture Buying Guide

The lavish nature of French furniture is hard to resist. Over the centuries, the French people have been on the lead in designing ornate and luxurious pieces of shabby chic furniture across the world. The furniture includes Chaise Longue, or commonly known as Chaise Lounge in English and the very popular Armoire.

Most of these French furniture pieces can be traced back to the days of Napoleon Bonaparte in his first appearance in the palace. Part of incorporating French furniture or shabby chic furniture in your home is understanding, which French furniture piece would best suit your homes.

On the other hand, shabby chic is a type of interior design which can be a versatile way of dressing up any room. French furniture is great shabby chic furniture. Designers choose every piece with precision and careful consideration of appearance.

In general, your main goal is to choose shabby chic furniture items that display the signs of wearing and tearing, or distress. While French furniture is meant to be classical-looking, the style of your home still needs to be romantic, soft and cottage-like. It is the unique look of shabby chic furniture that really counts. Designing shabby chic furniture requires that you know how to choose French furniture pieces well. Here are some wonderful examples of some shabby chic furniture at Homes Direct 365 who are from the UK, also pictured below.


Distressed Furniture

The Distressed style is one of the common types of shabby chic furniture. This furniture style means that the French furniture has one or more parts that look worn. Distressed painted shabby chic furniture is a great option. Manufacturers paint the furniture and create its distressed look by cracking, wearing or chipping the new paint.

French Style Furniture

French style furniture is one of the most versatile options to achieve a shabby chic appeal. French furniture offers a formal look with lesser distress. But compared to the traditional furniture, this is more rural. Pieces are in cottage-style. French furniture achieves a shabby chic look due to its vintage feel and charm. They often display painted designs or floral patterns. The whimsical styles are very common, that of with round edges and flared legs.


Pieces to Add

You can find furniture pieces that are unique to add detail to your home’s interior design such as tables, bookcases, or built-in cabinetry. For a shabbier look, you can also add a shabby chic mirror or chandelier. French bed furniture is also a good option because French beds can create an antique tone.

Making Your Own

Though it is common to buy antique French furniture and products that are in shabby chic style, it is still possible for you to make your very own. You can choose to make your own distressed French furniture by painting the surface and using materials that would make it appear older.

When buying shabby chic furniture, it pays to compare the items by style, look and size. French furniture provides style and quality with its expert artisanship and intricate designs that last for so many years. You can explore different styles and choose types that suit those styles.

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