Serious about home schooling

It seems that when I get an idea in my head it doesn’t like to go away. The more I looked into home schooling, the more it appealed. I researched it, I spoke to people about it, I researched it some more. The most important thing I did was I spoke to the kids.

Elizabeth has been really struggling with tiredness this month and it is hard to see her in the morning fighting her way through the sleepiness and then after school having no energy to do anything but lay around on the sofa.

Alison is still struggling with her toilet training at school, not as bad as she has done in the past but its still an issue. She dislikes going to school, she gets upset most mornings and she is generally not happy.

At the mention of home schooling and explaining what it would mean and how we would achieve it they were excited. We spoke about it a lot of the weekend and today we trialled a day at home.

We woke up and as Alison was up first I did a maths workbook with her, we did a jigsaw and then she went onto reading eggs to complete some lessons. Elizabeth then woke up and I sat with her whilst we did a maths workbook, then a phonics test to see where she needs support and finally she read some books to me. Then it was time for breakfast.

We went to the gymnastics centre at 11am, Library at 12 and a hospital appointment at 1pm. By the time we came back we ate lunch and the kids spent the rest of the afternoon playing educational apps or watching children’s tv. We collected loads of books from the library today and the girls chose a theme of kings and queens and castles so we have story books, history books, picture books and craft books all relating to that theme. We read two of the story books at bedtime today and

We had hardly any bickering, happy children eager to learn and as I put them to bed this evening they both asked if they could go to home school tomorrow.

Now I just have to decide of they can?