Sending Wishes to friends overseas from the UK

There was a time when you could not attend your friend’s birthday parties or other special events. But modern technology has solved this matter. Now you have many ideas to send wishes to your overseas friends.

Are you in the UK and want to send wishes to your overseas friends? Stay here; we will share some beautiful ideas to make you and your friends happy at their special events.

How to send wishes to friends overseas from the UK?

You may find many ideas to send wishes to your friends, such as wishing them by sending messages. But here, we will share some excellent ideas that will make your friends happy, and they will feel your presence in their happy moments.

1.     Flowers

Sending flowers to your friends on their birthday, wedding, or achieving success is common. But it seems impossible when you are outside of the country. But online flower delivery shops have solved the problem.

Now from your UK, you can book your favourite flower bouquet for your friend to deliver to their doorstep. Research the reliable flower delivery shops in your friend’s country.

Once you have chosen the online flower delivery shop, place your order and pay them online from the UK. On the event day, your friend will get flowers by your name. No matter wherever your friend is living, you can avail of that facility from the UK.

Nowadays, in China, the US, the Middle East, India, and other countries, many online flower delivery shops are getting an order from abroad and delivering flowers to your required addresses.

2.     Chocolates

Chocolates are a sweet gift to wish your friends and especially lovers well on their happy moments. You can send chocolates to your friends from the UK to their country at their address.

You may prefer the postal services for sending chocolates to your overseas friends. But we will not recommend you because they are not specialized and your chocolates may spoil before reaching your friends.

But no worry, you can find many online gift delivery services that will export chocolates from the UK to your overseas friends. In the UK, there are hundreds of overseas chocolate delivery services.

They will ensure the safe delivery of chocolates to your overseas friends. But make sure you have placed the order one or two weeks before the event. Overseas delivery service may take 5 to 6 days. So allow them ample time to deliver your chocolates.

3.     Personalized Gifts

There is no better idea than to send a wish to friends by sending them personalized gifts. Now you have many platforms that can deliver personalized gifts to overseas friends.

Some popular stores are Amazon, Ali express, Ali Baba, eBay, and many more. You can choose personalized gifts such as key chains, watches, bracelets, necklaces, cups, shirts, etc.

Before sending, know your friend’s interests and select their favourite gift to make them happy. If your friend loves tea or coffee, send them a personalized cup or jewellery item if they love jewellery.

Such online stores will take your friend’s name, address, and message for your friend. On the event day, your friend will get a personalized gift by your name that will make them happy.

4.     Accessories

Your wish sending is not only the flowers, chocolates or personalized gifts. Sending them other accessories can also be a great idea. It will not just make them happy on their special day, but you can also show your care for them.

If your friend is a new mom, send her some accessories for baby care like a baby diaper bag, stroller, baby carrier, portable changing pad, etc.

You can also send the kitchen accessories to your friend who is a chef or a newly married friend. Just research and find a suitable accessory that can help your friend and order it from online stores.

While receiving that accessory, your friend will feel happy. It will show them how caring you are about them. Even if you are in the UK, you still love them and care for them. Choose eBay or Amazon for sending accessories.

5.      Gift Cards

Wishing friends with Gift cards is a traditional approach, but still, it has worth it. There are many modern ways to wish friends well on their memorable moments. But gift cards are still a great idea.

You can buy gift cards in the UK and send them by post. But the easiest way is that you can also take service from online delivery services providers. Now Amazon and many other gift delivery service providers offer you the facility to send gift cards.

You can book your favourite gift cards for your friends to wish them on their wedding, birthday, or graduation with good wishes.

How to send Gifts overseas from the UK?

There are a couple of ways to send wishes overseas from the UK. You can choose airmail, postal services, or other courier services. But the easiest way is to book the gift or bouquet from online delivery stores directly at your friend’s address.

You may pay some additional costs, but it will be a very easy and peaceful choice. Everything will be their responsibility till the delivery of the item. But make sure you have booked it one or two weeks before the date because overseas delivery takes time.

Another best and easiest way to save money is to choose the online gift delivery shops from your friend’s country and pay them through your cards from the UK. They will deliver the chosen item to your friend on the delivery date. It will save courier costs. Even you can get same-day delivery even if you are sitting in the UK.


Wishing your overseas friends is a lot simple now. You have many ideas to send wishes to your friends from the UK to overseas countries like the US, China, India, the Middle East, and other countries. You can send them chocolates, flowers, accessories, personalized gifts, and gift cards at their special events to show love and care.