School Break Fun: Engaging Activities to Entertain Kids During the Holidays

The school holidays can seem long for parents who suddenly need to find ways to fill all those extra hours usually spent in the classroom. Fortunately, there are plenty of engaging activities and ideas to keep kids of all ages entertained throughout the break. With a bit of planning and creativity, your family can make treasured memories together during this special time.

1.     Seasonal Activities for Kids

One of the best ways to keep kids entertained during the school holidays is by planning seasonal activities. If we take Easter as an example, the Easter school holidays are a perfect opportunity for classic Easter fun. There are lots of Easter activities for kids for you to choose from – from egg hunts to crafting to baking; there are endless activities centred around this springtime holiday. An Easter egg hunt is simple to set up in your garden or local park and always makes for giggles and exciting discoveries. Have your children decorate eggs or create Easter-themed arts and crafts. Bake some hot cross buns or adorable bird’s nest cakes to enjoy a tasty holiday treat. Check your local community centre or church for any Easter events or workshops as well.

2.     Exciting Day Trips

Taking day trips allows everyone to get out of the house and enjoy quality time together. Historic sites, interactive museums, farms, and parks are great destinations that connect learning with fun. Pack a bag and a picnic or stop at a cafe to make a whole day of the adventure. Kids love having your undivided attention while exploring, and parents will appreciate the bonding time outside regular routines. The National Trust offers hundreds of UK options for kid-friendly day trips.

3.     Movie and Games Nights

What child doesn’t love movie and games nights? Dim the lights, make some snacks, set up pillows and blankets in the lounge and let kids pick the entertainment for the evening. Family movie nights encourage bonding and provide fodder for meaningful discussions afterwards. Break out your favourite board games and introduce new ones as you laugh and play together. Shake it up with video games, karaoke or silly dance parties as well.

4.     Rainy Day Fun with STEM Activities

Don’t let wet weather dampen your plans. STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) activities spark curiosity and critical thinking indoors. Set up science experiments like making playdough, oobleck, fake snow or lava lamps using simple kitchen ingredients. Try coding games or apps that teach programming basics while having fun. Building forts with sheets, furniture, and cardboard boxes stretches spatial thinking skills. Act out stories with costumes and puppets. The ideas for indoor STEM play are endless!

5.     Get Moving with Active Games

Bouncing off extra energy with physical games keeps kids healthy and happy. Have wheelbarrow races and egg-and-spoon obstacle courses. Play classic active games like hide-and-seek, freeze tag, hopscotch and hula hooping contests. When you can get outside, kick around a football, practice baseball batting or hold relay races. YouTube has kid exercise videos for dancing silly moves together, even in a small inside space. Get the whole family involved for maximum laughter and bonding!

6.     Nature Walks and Scavenger Hunts

Head out on nature walks to take in the spring sights and sounds while getting fresh air and exercise. Have your children make a list beforehand of things they might spot, like birds, bugs, wildflowers and animals. Hand out magnifying glasses for close inspection of plants, rocks, and other finds along your route. Make a scavenger hunt by providing lists of items for the kids to discover while exploring. It’s an educational way to appreciate nature, all while staying active outdoors.

7.     Practise Life Skills

These holidays can be used as a time for kids to build independence and practical life skills. Have them help plan simple meals, make shopping lists and prepare food themselves. Guide them through basic chores like laundry, vacuuming or garden work. Show them how to properly handwash dishes as well as use appliances safely with supervision. Let older kids research destinations and create daily itineraries. Building these real-world skills boosts confidence and responsibility.

The school holidays offer a welcome break from strict schedules and routines. Keeping children engaged with entertaining activities during this time allows them to recharge mentally and physically while creating magical memories together. Whether Easter adventures, exciting day trips, indoor STEM experiments, movie nights or active games, there are many ways to spark smiles and bond as a family.