Save Up UK 2013 with Savoo

Ok so it may seem weird writing about my hangover before I have even told you how I came about getting it but I have yet  to find the courage to piece together exactly what happened on Friday night for me to put it down into words. What I do know is that I was very unprofessional and not at all like me when I turned up to the Savoo SaveUpUK2013 event nearly an hour late and half drunk. Luckily the Savoo lot have a sense of humour and they just decided to laugh at me a lot throughout the day.

Last September I was invited to visit Savoo in London to sign up as a Deal Pro, as most of you know last September was not that best month of my life and there was no way I was leaving Elizabeth in hospital to venture to London. Luckily this September we are in a lot happier place and so it was that even with the worst hangover I have had since Britmums Live 2012 (yes I am sure some of you remember that one!) I still went along to find out more about how I could work with them.

Now that Adam and I are both stay at home parents and self employed bloggers saving our pennies has become even more important and we are always looking at ways to cut our costs. We already meal plan and we have a set budget every week for food and diesel but there always seems to be something that makes me spend money.

I am one of those dreadful people who loves to have things and hates to spend money. This is where my deal hunting comes into play. I do not buy anything without checking that I cant go through a cash back site first. I then see if there are any vouchers or codes I can use and all that after checking to see if it is from the cheapest place I can get it.

Being a dealpro will come naturally to me and I look forward to sharing some money saving tips and hopefully some fabulous deals with you soon.