Retro design touches

Retro styling and vintage touches are all the rage now all kinds of design related areas. From car designs to current fashion and interior design trends, retro styling is everywhere and it looks set to stay. So how can you get on board without buying a new wardrobe of clothes or redecorating your entire house?

Here are some sneaky tips to give you a hint of retro with minimal changes, meaning your poised ready to change for the next big thing.

Hair & Make Up

This is the best place to start your vintage quest as you will most likely have all of the tools necessary to change your look already. You will need to practise how to use your hair and makeup tools and accessories in different ways to achieve a vintage look, for example by creating winged eyeliner or styling your hair into an Audrey Hepburn style bun. There are many tutorials online to help you achieve a vintage look and they can teach you everything you need to know from how to chose and apply the perfect shade of red lipstick to recreating victory rolls in your hair.

 Clothing & Fashion

Designers are going mad for retro clothes from fifties style prop dresses to skinny jeans and cropped tops, all of these features are coming around for a second or third time. Luckily these trends are easy to recreate on a budget and with not too much effort.

Start by looking at what you’ve already got that is quite vintage looking. Dig out those eighties stonewash jeans and shoulder-padded dresses, these can work for you right now! Consider how you style your existing clothes and how this could make your outfit more vintage looking. Maybe you just need to add a waist cincher, skinny belt, hat or brooch to your outfit to achieve the look you are after.

Interior Design

When it comes to your  house the easiest rooms to add a bit of vintage flair to are the living/dining room and kitchen. Search around old charity shops for the seventies patterned Tupperware and coffee sets to display in your kitchen, there are still lots of bargains to be had. Consider changing standard and table lamps as well as light shades for an easy and cheap way to change the look of your living room. Perhaps some seventies style, tiffany light shades might add the touch of retro glamour you are after.