Ranty Friday – Why do I do it?

Ok so joining in with Ranty Friday ( by Mummy Barrow) is something I have been thinking about doing for a long time. I love a good old rant and can usually set myself off on many varied topics so why is it when I sat here this morning thinking of all the wonderful things in the world there are to rant, about all I can think of is me.

I want to rant about myself? Crazy isn’t it. I suppose I want to rant about women. More importantly fat women. We know we are fat. We know we want to lose weight. We know what foods to eat and which ones to enjoy, I mean avoid.

So why after pledging with some fellow women that we will lose weight did I find myself eating a nice chocolate biscuit and looking forward to my all you can eat breakfast at the hotel tomorrow morning?

I didn’t eat a biscuit yesterday, or the day before or even the day before that! So why as soon as the word diet passes my lips do I start eating chocolate, fatty foods and crisps?

Its like we purposely set out to sabotage ourselves as soon as we decide that enough is enough.

The tape measure has come out, the scales have been dusted off and I have a network of support backing me so I know I can do it and now I have told myself off I will concentrate on trying not to sabotage myself.

Rant over!