Ranty Friday – Dear parent waiting in the queue . . .

I know…

I know it is cold and wet and miserable.
I know you have stood in line for a very long time.
I know it is unfair to have people push in front of you when you have been waiting your turn.
I know my child looks normal.
I know she can hop out of her wheelchair and walk around if she wants too.
I know your kids have been driving you mad with excitement as you wait in yet another queue for what has felt like hours. 
I know you are not feeling at your most patient.
I know that look of judgement as I catch your eye when we get to go in front of you.
I know the comments you are whispering to your other half are aimed at us.

What you don’t know…

What you don’t know is the emotions I felt when I was told my daughter had cancer.
What you don’t know is the relief at seeing her walk unaided after having to use a frame.
What you don’t know is the worry we have all been through.
What you don’t know is the medicines she has had to take and their many side effects.
What you don’t know is that she gets tired very easily and needs the wheelchair to sit down.
What you don’t know is that she can not walk far or stand for very long.

What you don’t know is really none of your business. We are given a disabled pass for a reason, just because it is not immediately evident why to your eyes does not mean that we should not have one. 

A disability, ailment or disease may not be obvious so dear parent stood in the queue next time someone has to go in front of you don’t think about yourself and the fact you will have to wait a few more minutes why not think about that family or that child who obviously have some shit going on in their lives and for whom the use of that disability pass has more than likely made that day out a reality. 

Most of all dear parent stood in the queue, you are an example to your kids. Remember that the next time you judge others, roll your eyes and make your comments because your kids will remember and they will copy you. 

I have wanted to write this post a few times over the last few years but being at Disneyland Paris brought it all back as a parent less than a metre away from us discussed openly with his wife the fact that we were faking it as our daughter obviously didn’t need her wheelchair. How I held my temper or my tongue I do not know.