Putting the ‘Spring’ into spring cleaning

If you look outside, you’ll see that spring is in the air. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. It’s time to throw that winter coat to the back of the wardrobe and break out the shades and flip flops.


Oh. Right.

Ok, so the weather hasn’t really caught up yet. Which means you’ll probably be spending a lot of time indoors. So lots of opportunities to get some spring cleaning completed.

Stainless Steel

Chances are the kitchen has something in stainless steel. It’s quite a difficult material to keep in pristine condition. Too much cleaner and you get a streaky residue. Too little and you’re not getting it clean. Remember, if there are smudge marks or fingerprints, don’t use any oil-based cleaner. You’ll just make it worse. Likewise, don’t be tempted to use bleach. This can damage the surface over time.  Simply use a wax-based spray and a dry cloth. Quick, easy and effective.


Yep! That’ll do it
Reorganising the bookshelf

Now is the chance to rearrange the books or films that litter your shelves. You might find it’s a tedious task. But there’s plenty of fun to be had. No, seriously.

How about this? Rearrange the books, not alphabetically. Not chronologically.


Sounds insane right? Try rearranging your items in an order according to your life. What was the first book you ever bought? What was the first birthday book gift given to you? Which book brings back amazing memories of that perfect holiday when you were 18?


Why is it we can send a man to the moon, create something as amazing as the internet and create clones of sheep but CAN NOT invent a quiet vacuum cleaner?!

We take our appliances for granted on the most part, but when spring cleaning, it’s good to have a vacuum with an extendable arm to reach the hard-to-get spot.

Before starting, remember to give the brush roll a good clean. Take it off and really go to town on it. You should also lubricate the ends to make the brush roll last longer. Olive oil is very good for this. A well-maintained vacuum cleaner can last a long time. And they are really expensive now if you’ve not noticed!


You mean…not everyone has a gold-plated hoover?
Reward yourself

If you really want to put a spring in your step during the cleaning, then create a reward system for each task, based on their level of difficulty.

This could take on many forms. For example, you can get rid of lots of old junk, and reward yourself with a new item in place of these? Or deep clean the kitchen so you can get that new toaster you’ve been eyeing in Marks & Spencer’s?

If all else fails, you can always get a takeaway at the end of the weekend. It’s a very flexible arrangement!

The point I’m trying to make here is that spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore if you flex your imagination a little. Well, at least until the sun finally shows up!