Project 365 – 8th January

One week on Slimming World and I managed to lose 5lbs! I know I could have lost more but we still have lots of Christmas chocolate in the house and I haven’t been exactly good just a lot better than I have been the previous weeks.

With lots of fabulous adventures to be had this year including turning 30 and going on another Mark Warner holiday I really want this to be the year that I lose all of the excess weight. It is this that is keeping me going and I will be trying my hardest to make sure I get there. Lots of meal planning and a fair bit of will power and knowing that you lot are there to help me through will defintely spur me on.

I will certainly need the will power this week as we celebrate Gaming Daddy of Twos birthday, go for a curry and attend a children’s birthday party. I know I can do it! I will let you know how I get on.