Preparing the garden for spring – Getting Outdoors

Spring has finally sprung and the snow has melted which has left our garden in a bit of a sorry state.

To make our garden ready for the Spring sunshine we knew that we had to put some in some effort so as soon as the sun started shining we got outside. After a good clean up, mowing the law and cutting back the bush near the back door it was starting to look a bit better but it still wasn’t ready to really enjoy.

Elizabeth and Alison loved using the Children’s Gardening Toolset from Find Me a Gift which they used to plant in the Blenheim Half Barrel to add some colour to our garden.

We then built this VonHaus Garden Love Bench which was really simple to put together and I can imagine spending many sunny days working in the garden on this bench. I love working in the garden so this will be ideal for me to enjoy.

To add a few finishing touches to our garden we placed a Bee hive to help to attract the bees, a cast iron poppy bird feeder and my favourite item is this cute Gargoyle.

We love spending time in the garden so we are also looking at some great products to use whilst outside enjoying the spring sunshine. Phlat Ball V3 is a great product for young kids who are getting to grips with throwing and catching. You throw the Phlat ball as a disc and it turns into a ball in the air allowing you to catch it. We were also sent a Wubble Fulla Slime which is a new product in the wubble range and a very addictive one. Wubble is a rubber type ball and in the past, you could inflate them to giant sizes. The Wubble Fulla Slime is the same type of ball but instead of inflating it, the wubble has been filled with slime which makes it a very tactile ball which we have all been fighting over. The final fun item we were sent is Glove-a-bubbles. Glove-a-Bubbles are an all in one package which provides you with bubble solution and a glove type bag which you place on your hand and wave around in the air to produce lots of bubbles. My girls have loved the Glove-a-bubbles and I think these will be a huge hit this spring.

Now if your family is anything like mine then as soon as the sun shines it is time to get the BBQ out. As much as our big gas bbq is good for cooking a lot of food I do love the taste of charcoal cooked sausages and burgers so we always have a few disposable Bar-Be-Quick Instant BBQs on hand for those spur of the moment BBQs where we want a good old fashioned BBQ taste.

One of my girls (and husbands) favourite thing to do on the warmer evening is to sit around a fire in the garden. We have had a chimnea for a while but they struggle to toast marshmallows on the chimnea so when I saw this fire basket I knew it would make a great addition to our garden and my girls were over the moon. 

The item I love most that will be my new favourite piece of outdoor technology is the Lava Brightsounds 2. This fantastic piece of kit is a Bluetooth speaker, LED Light and a built-in power bank. This means I can listen to music, charge my phone and stay out after the sun goes down. The Lava Brightsounds 2 will definitely be packed to come with us on all of our outdoor adventures this year.

So there you have it, we have upgraded our garden for spring and we are all ready for getting outdoors in the sunshine. Now we just have to hope that it is here to stay.