Potters Leisure Resort: Day three

Today the sun has blessed us by shining down so it was all about being outside. Our first stop was to head to the childrens playground. We had loads of fun and the girls really enjoyed completing the assault course
After the park we headed to the beach, the girls had so much fun and it was amazing how leaving them to occupy themselves resulted in lots of fun. They looked at pebbles, threw stones, played hide and seek and played in the waves.
After lunch the girls went swimming with daddy, it was their first time with goggles and I was so proud that they were both dipping underwater by the end of the session. Alison in particular was actually swimming with no floats under water! A huge step forward and they are looking forward to doing it again tomorrow!

After dinner we headed to Bamboozles kids club were we enjoyed taking part in some games. Alison and Daddy were lucky enough to win the Horse and Jockey game and they had great fun doing it!

We have had another fun day and I cant wait to see what tomorrow brings for us. We are going to walk around the rest of the resort, try some new activities and take part in more kids clubs. The plan is to also see a late night show as we have not managed to watch one all the way through yet.
Potters is a different type to holiday to one we have taken before but it feels traditional, the talent show, the entertainment and the facilities are all fantastic family entertainment. It is quaint in a good way and we have really enjoyed the down time, the chance to stop and allow the world to continue around us. The girls have played nicely together and made lots of friends and enjoyed taking part which is something they don’t do normally

We cant wait for tomorrow!