All I want for Christmas is a playhouse

A playhouse whatever shape or form it comes in is a great space to keep the kids entertained and even store away their toys when they’re not in it. As a child let’s pretend was always my go-to game and my girls are no exception, so I’ve known for a while I’d like to get them a play den. I’ve seen quite a few playhouses recently which I think could be the ideal place for my children’s imagination to run wild.

I’ve always half hoped that I’d get around to making my own DIY den but once I’ve found the time and paid for all the materials I’m sure that a shop bought one will be more value for money. With so many playhouses on the market, it’s not an easy decision to make, from tree houses, pop up tents, teepees to outdoor wendy houses. I’ve decided a durable wooden structure will work best for me as we have no space inside and I’d like it to be a permanent fixture in my garden – it needs to brave out English winter.

My girls love me to join in on their games, to visit their shop, ice cream parlour or café so I’ve been looking at quite sizable ones plus I think it’ll last a lot longer. I’ve been looking at ones with stable doors to make the house more versatile with the option for transformation into a shop or ice-cream parlour with ease. The Garden Buildings Centre has a wide variety of wooden styles from log cabins to traditional Georgian theme.

As it’s quite an investment I’m looking for an easily adaptable playhouse as the girls change their interests it can develop with them. The wooden ones would be easily painted and refreshed or redecorated to fit in with any change to my garden design or theme. Once I’ve chosen the perfect playhouse the next challenge will be getting it in the garden and all wrapped up for Christmas day without the girls noticing (wish me luck.) I’m planning to decorate the playhouse in Summer and go for a neutral Scandi theme. Then I can start my hunt for the mini furniture to match the scheme!

Which playhouse would you choose for your children?