Whilst the kids are away Mummy can play – online bingo of course

The day starts with chaos at the breakfast table, excited chatter and an incredible amount of patience required in getting the kids to school on time. Dirty faces, odd socks and lost homework feature heavily in our morning ritual that doesn’t seem to get any less stressful. Luckily, a little ‘me time’ is planned for later, a thought that enters my mind fleetingly throughout the morning and keeps me plodding on throughout my busy day as something to look forward to.

As I start to tire during my busy day, I find myself dreaming of the evening to come. There’s so much to do, washing, cleaning, ironing, dinner preparation, that I barely get a chance to sit down and have a hot drink before it’s time to do the school run again and spend some quality time with my little ones. The noise returns to the house, and don’t get me wrong, I cherish these little cherubs! But I long for bed time, I long to be able to hear absolutely nothing and be able to put my feet up and play my favourite game. This is my favourite part of the week. My husband, bless him, knows that this time is uninterrupted time. We each take this evening to do something we both enjoy, separately. So while he is off tinkling with something shiny and electrical in the shed, I’m nicely settled and playing my game within minutes of the children being settled.

The games load and my 90 ball bingo session is in play with the level of efficiency that I have come to rely on. From the moment I joined this particular site, I was welcomed with open arms by the friendly community. I have made some wonderful friends on this site and the social aspect is one of the important features that keep me coming back. It is a refreshing change to have some adult conversation about myself, rather than toilet training or something else associated with the kids. Even the chat hosts have come to know me as Frida Friday because that is my day to join them and I have become a Friday regular! This little short time is always treasured because if only for a short while, I get to be me. I don’t have to be mummy (although I LOVE being mummy), I’m not wifey (I love being this too!), but this special, small amount of time is just about me being me and it feels oh so good! It’s so important when you have a busy schedule to set this time apart. If you spend most of your life looking after someone else, resentment can set in, causing issues down the line. It is important to maintain some level of identity, which doesn’t need (or mean) that you value any other aspects of your life any less. Just that you are important enough to cater for too, and should do so on a regular basis!

online bingo sites can be so much fun and I make sure to keep it that way by playing responsibly. To other parents, who have bills mounting up, the need to play responsibly must weigh very heavily. I have set (within my account), weekly limits for depositing, to ensure I don’t get carried away with my spending budget. It is all too easily done (as my friends have confessed to me on many occasions), and I can see how. However, as I love to play so much, I’d hate to lose this weekly treat that I have given myself by not being able to retain some self-control. My spending limits allow me to play comfortably with what I can afford to play with and I ensure I budget accordingly for my weekly treat. If I win, I can then choose to withdraw my funds or continue to play. Last year I didn’t withdraw until around November time when my winnings actually paid for our Christmas!

As I have small children, I need to keep special software on my computer to stop them accessing my accounts (as they are prone to be inquisitive with all electronic devices). This software is password protected and therefore, they cannot access my online bingo account, nor play any age restricted games without having the password (which they won’t get). It is of high importance to me to keep my family safe on the internet and there are filters in place in my home to do just that. I hear of parents on a daily basis allowing their children free reign access to the World Wide Web without a care in the world. For me, I feel that it is my responsibility to keep them safe from the dangers that are present in the virtual world, and it begins with filters and special software encompassing the ethos ‘prevention is better than cure’. I found links to the software preventing under age gambling within the responsible gaming section of my online bingo account, so if you’re worried, do check yours to ensure you have the right protection in place for your children.

Tomorrow is another day and will, no doubt, begin with the usual rowdy ritual! I will begin another week as mummy first and all needs are catered for throughout the typical busy family life. I adore my family. My children are my greatest accomplishment and I will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. However, I’m also me. If you’re a mum (or dad), who either works or stays at home, you’ll understand the busy nature of the lives we lead, and how it is so easy to neglect our own needs. Don’t do it! I implore you to just take a little time to rediscover yourself. Visit the virtual world, but do it responsibly, ensuring any age related sites are fully protected. You have a right to a little enjoyment in life and there’s a whole social world out there that can discover the real you! You never know, I might actually see you at my favourite site on a Friday night! If you are, I’ll greet you with a big warm welcome that enhanced my life.