Pizza making and meeting new people

Now some people won’t believe this but I hate going somewhere where I won’t know people. Being invited to an event where I don’t know who is in attendance and the chances are that I won’t know anyone is my idea of a nightmare, but sometimes I like doing things outside of my comfort zone.  

With this in mind, I headed out to Pizza Express a few weeks ago for a Think Money blogger meet up. Little did we know that we were not just going to eat pizza instead we were going to make our own!

Learning how to toss the dough was lots of fun and by the end of the session we were all fairly competent tossers. 
I think I did a really good job at creating my base and all I had to do was add the sauce using a special method and then choosing from a variety of toppings.
It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.
It seems I wasn’t the only one who thought it looked fantastic as I won the Best looking pizza certificate!
After stuffing my face with pizza, it was time to get serious as we split into pairs to complete a fun quiz. I was teamed up with Miss Pond and we obviously had luck on our side as we came out top of the quiz and each took home a fabulous trophy. 
It was a really fun small event and I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed meeting Emma, Georgina, SallyDonna and Charlotte as well as the Think Money team. I am looking forward to helping them organising another fun event with different bloggers in attendance.