I have a Personal Trainer

I never thought I would be the sort of person who would pay someone to make me exercise but after watching my husband shed his excess weight, build muscles and drastically change his diet within eight weeks I decided that it was time that I started looking after myself. Signing up to a personal trainer is quite expensive but just two weeks in and I can already say that it is worth every penny.

I am training with Jordan’s Fitness Goals twice a week in my local gym and he has also set me exercises to do by myself when I go to the gym on other days. I have put it in my diary to go every day during the week and then have the weekend off to spend with the kids. This is easy now they are at school but I know it will be harder during the summer holidays.

When I went to the gym in the past it was always for an aerobics class or to go on the Cardio machines but now I am going in and using the weight machines and even the free weights. I am more confident in my workouts and know what weight I should be using how many reps I should do and how often. Having a Personal Trainer has shown me the sort of exercises I should be doing in the gym and has got me eating according to calories and macros which is something I had never even heard about before.

Did you know that counting calories is not enough? That the calories you consume should be made up of a set macro percentage? me neither! Now I use the MyFitnessPal app to track my food and ensure that I am meeting my macro goals whilst staying within my calorie allowance. I am also eating more frequently which was hard at first but it is becoming more of a habit now.

Although I have not seen a drastic change in my weight I have noticed my body shape changing and have lost an amazing three inches of my waist alone. I don’t ache as much, I have more energy, my skin looks better and I am generally feeling healthier. I even want to go to the gym which is something I never thought I would want to do. I started with my Personal Trainer because I wanted to lose weight but I can already see that it is coming with so many other health benefits and I can’t wait to see how far this can take me. I am thinking of trying a greens supplement to ensure I get all my daily nutrients in case my diet is less than optimum. One that I have seen is called Boku superfood It is a good choice and is budget-friendly.

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  1. This is lovely to read and agree you looked fab the other day! Have tonadmit that free weights and weight training is definitely the way to go! I’m loving a change to my routine, just need to stop eating BBQ food and Drumsticks! đŸ˜‰ x

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