15 kids coming to my house for a Peppa Pig Twitter party, I must be mad.

To help out I had a long thought about my guests. The problem with twitter parties is you have to tweet and party at the same time. I don’t like this idea and can just imagine getting flustered and stressed at trying to write tweets and hosting party games at the same time.

So I invited some lovely local blogging friends to come along and help me run the party whilst also letting the children have a play together.

I set out the food and the toys and waited for the chaos to begin.


The ages of our guests were around 3 years old with some slightly older and some slightly younger. This did mean that some of the games were a bit hard for them. We bypassed the memory game and played stick the sticker on Peppa’s nose.

Elizabeth was really good at that game and managed to get it spot on.

All in all the kids loved the party and they enjoyed playing with the theme park themed toys (review here).

I am not sure I will be volunteering my house for one of these parties although I will still be joining in on twitter.

We were sent some party supplies, a few toys and refunded £30 of costs for the food.