What sort of parent would I be if I wasn’t a blogger?

What sort of parent would I be if I wasn’t a blogger?

December 20, 2017 Off By Laura TMOT

This is a conversation I have had a few times lately. You see we are very lucky. We get to go to see Pantos, enjoy days out, play with the latest toys and even go on holiday without paying. Yes, it is a lot of hard work and I have to put in lots of hours but it does mean that I am around to take my kids to school and pick them up again. I do wonder what our life would be like if I wasn’t a blogger though, what sort of parent would I be?


This year we decided to take a step back from some of the festive experiences that we get invited to review. This wasn’t because I thought the kids wouldn’t enjoy them but because I didn’t want a big workload during the festive season. I wanted to be able to spend time with my family without me working on my laptop. This means that we have not been ice skating or to visit Santa. Stopping doing these reviews got me thinking, just how much would we do as a family if I wasn’t visiting these places as a blogger?

I know during Autumn that I almost felt guilty that we didn’t visit a pumpkin patch like every other blogger on Instagram and the same goes for fresh fruit picking in the summer. I don’t even know where the nearest Lavender field is for those gorgeous family photos you see people sharing. That being said we have had some amazing adventures this year as we reviewed various holidays and attractions.

Being a blogger allows my girls to play with toys that I would never spend that sort of money on yet I hope by donating most of them to charity helps to keep them from being spoilt. We get to meet celebrities and people they look up to and they get to do things that their classmates can only dream about. I try my hardest to spread these opportunities around if I can and I usually ask for extra tickets for local shows so that we can take some of their friends with us when we do these things.

I know that the best thing about being a blogger is that it allows me to be at home with my kids instead of working late in an office like I used to do. Being able to collect them from school if they are ill without having to explain it to my boss or being here when they finish school to cook their dinner is something that wouldn’t be possible if I had a “real” job.

If I didn’t have this blog or the income that comes with it, I know our family life would be very different. With my husband working shifts, we would have to look at breakfast clubs and after-school childcare so that I could get a job and I know we wouldn’t get to spend as much time together let alone enjoy the fun things that we do.

I complain that being a blogger is hard work sometimes and the hours can be long if I don’t limit what I do but I wouldn’t want to go back to life before my blog and spend my hours working and not with my family. That being said I certainly need to think about my work-life balance and either write quicker or plan less into my week to save me working in the evenings when I should be relaxing or sleeping.

Are you a blogger? Does being a blogger make you a better parent?