What to pack to make your Festival Experience Awesome

Festivals are amazing experiences but if you don’t pack correctly it can all end in disaster. Last year I write a post about the family festival essentials, things you NEED to pack to ensure that things go to plan (and save you money too). This year I wanted to take it one step further and go beyond the essentials on to the things that make a festival experience awesome.

To be making my experience awesome means power and tech. I want to ensure my devices are fully charged and ready to go, I want to listen to music at my tent and be able to find my way back to my car at the end of a long weekend. Thankfully these things are not that hard to do if you know exactly what to pack.


Power and Tech gadgets

Charging all of our devices when camping is one of the biggest stresses I face as a blogger and as a mother. I know that we should really spend some time disconnected from our technology but that is not going to happen. I was really interested in the BioLite SolarPanel 5+ which allows you to charge your phone from the sun. The BioLite SolarPanel 5+ doesn’t just charge as the sun is shining it can also store power for later so you can charge the panel during the day and then charge your phone at night whilst in your tent. However as the BioLite SolarPanel 5+ is completely portable you could actually carry it around with you in your backpack and charge your phone whilst having a picnic or watching your favourite band on stage! You could also use a small pocket sized portable charger such as the Varta Portable Powerpack 2600 mAh which will charge your phone one time but fits easily in your pocket or it can be attached to keys or a handbag using the hook on the top. As well as charging on the go I can use the ZUS smart car finder to charge my phone too as it has two USB ports built in. The ZUS smart car finder works with an app to tell you exactly where your car is parked which is great when it is in a large field or car park next to thousands of other cars all the same colour. The ZUS smart car finder also has other features which are great on a day to day basis such as parking meter reminders and the ability to send the car location to other people too.  The other gadget which isn’t actually tech at all is the air amp from Paladone. The air amp is a phone stand, amplifier, and cable tidy all in one and just sitting your phone in the stand can increase the volume of the music that you are playing to make it clear and easy to hear without requiring bluetooth or additional batteries.


As well as the tech that keeps me sane I also need some practical items to make the whole experience nicer. The Sistema Water bottles come in a variety of styles which are suitable for all members of the family and are great when you have the ability to refill them throughout the day. The Genuine Thermos Brand Radiance 36 Can Cooler, FUNtainer Flask and the Thermos Cherry Blossom Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle are perfect when you need to keep things cool. I would use one for milk to ensure that it stays cold ready for my campfire coffees in the morning. Yes, I could drink warm cans of beer and use UHT milk but it’s things like cold beer and fresh milk that make camping awesome rather than ordinary so I definitely think that these have a place on my list. The Carry Potty is ideal if your kids still get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Elizabeth wakes up once a night and when camping I could really do without having to trudge to the toilet with her so although she is no longer potty training the Carry Potty from Cheeky Rascals gives us a perfect hygienic toilet facility in the middle of the night. The last item on my practical list is a bit of a weird one but I hate hairy armpits and although I am happy to wet wipe wash I do find that I am a bit furry under my arms after a few nights camping. The Speed shave is a fabulous shaver that doesn’t need water which makes it ideal for camping or travelling.




So we have power, technology and practical items but when it comes to camping comfort can really make a difference to how much you enjoy it. The Twister picnic blanket from Paladone has a waterproof backing to stop you getting a wet bottom whilst also providing some entertainment when you get a bit bored. The NeckNapperz emoji pillows are extremely comfortable as they are but turn them inside out and they make a great neck pillow, I can imagine that these will be a great addition to my camp bed and certainly make the night times more comfortable. To aid comfort you need good shoes, if it is muddy then I will be in my black Hotter Shoes mystery boots because I can wear them for ages and just wipe them down but if the sun is shining then these Telic Sandals are breatheable and extremely comfortable with a soft sole that offers great support.



The last thing needed to make festival camping awesome is your costume! Most festivals have a theme and the ones we went to last year were all based on animals. With this in mind, you need to have a no fuss outfit. I would highly recommend checking out the animal Onesies from Tickled Pink Fancy Dress as they have ones for kids as well as grown-ups.  If you are not up for dressing in a onesie then I would recommend checking out Tell Tails as then slip over your clothes and look amazing. I am a huge fan of Tell Tails and have amassed quite a collection of them now although there are still so many more that I want to own.

animal onesies TELLTAILS


So there you go, festival camping made awesome. We are really looking forward to camping this summer and will let you know how we get on and if there was anything else I wish we had and didn’t or anything we took with us that ended up being completely useless. For now, it is time to start decorating our festival wagon to fit in with the Camp Bestival space theme and getting ourselves in the mood for a weekend full of fun and adventures.