Operation Christmas Child

This year I decided to get the girls involved in Operation Christmas Child. In previous years I have just quietly done it myself but I decided that would enjoy the experience.

Alison was a bit young to understand it but she enjoyed packing her box of things for a little boy.

I explained to Elizabeth that we were getting some things together to send to children who would not have a christmas present this year, she asked if they had been naughty and when I asked why she said because otherwise Santa would give them a present. Mmmm didnt really think this through did I. Anyway I finally talked myself out of this conundrum by saying they do not have much money so can get nice things and dont even have toothbrushes. This worried Elizabeth alot as she is now scared that all there teeth might fall out and she said can we send it quicker so that we are not to late to give them their toothbrushes.
Apart from the toys and the skipping ropes which I picked up in our local poundshop everything else was from Wilkinsons and all of it together came to less than £5 for both boxes.

They contain
paint set
colouring pencils
Plus a skipping rope each and a toy.

Hopefully they will be enjoyed when they finish their journey.

You can join in too but you have to be quick as teh dropoff deadline is Friday 18th November (by the way Shoe zone have lots of boxes stored away in their shops for anyone needing one)  or if you dont have time to do that you can still help out and buy a prefilled shoe box for as little as £11. Check out how to do that and also what you can put in your shoesboxes here http://www.operationchristmaschild.org.uk/

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