Online fitness tools you should try out this year

Many people vow solemnly that they will start a fitness regime and get in shape during the New Year celebrations, only to find that resolution hard to stick to once the holiday period is over. Much like its hard to avoid the temptation of the games you can play at this site. The purpose of this article is to support you in sticking to that fitness resolution, by offering 5 online plans and tools to help you stay motivated.

1. Commitment contract
The fear of losing face in front of family or close friends can be a pretty strong motivator – and that is where the commitment contract comes in. This is a plan that involves signing an agreement that you will do a certain amount of exercise each day, with a forfeit if you fail to do so. Depending on the individual, this can be anything from simply having to ‘fess up in public that you didn’t do it, or having to make a payout to your friends for every occasion you skip the exercise.

2. FitRadio
This is one of several mobile fitness apps that you can download to your phone and it works by recognising the power of music to motivate. The fact is, certain tunes are more likely to get you working up a sweat than others, but no one wants to keep trawling through their online music to find the right ones when they are trying to get into the exercise groove. FitRadio helps you avoid that by providing mix playlists, based on genre, which are custom-built to get your adrenalin pumping.

3. Reward plan
On days when you really don’t feel like going through your exercise regimen, promising yourself a reward for doing so can be a good way to help you get motivated. The reward you opt for can be tailored to your own tastes, so it might be watching your favourite film or having your favourite meal for dinner that night, but the anticipation will give you a reason for going ahead with your exercises.

4. Exergaming
Mixing exercise with a fun activity is another way of increasing your motivation levels and exergaming is a blend of exercising and gaming. It has been around since the late 1980s, but there are plenty of good modern examples of exergames – such as the Wii Fit, PlayMotion, Gamercize and iDANCE – which put add a bit of enjoyment to the exercise process.

5.Online roulette wheel
This is a new online tool devised by Ladbrokes and works in a similar fashion to a typical casino roulette wheel. The big difference is that, instead of money being at stake, where the wheel stops determines which of the exercises featured with it you do that day. This will help motivate you by adding a spot of excitement to what can easily become a rather mundane exercise routine, preventing things from getting into a rut.

Why not give some of these a go and see if you manage to keep your fitness resolution.