Ok life is not so good

You may remember me telling you about the fact that Elizabeth didnt get a place as school. I wasn’t too worried because I knew of parents who had moved and not reported it. Well today I found out that they are not doing anything about it.

Apparently the schools admissions team passed the information to the schools head teacher who held a meeting with the governors to discuss the case and they have decided not to remove the places from that parent.

Well I am not having that. I am contacting the head teacher today and I want copies of the minutes taken at the governors meeting, I want to know how they think they can justify giving these places to one parent of 3 children who now live over a mile away when they could have given them to three parents who all live less than a mile away. Our place wasnt give based on distance and I live

I am not just fighting for my daugter here I am fighting for two other children. Two other children whos parents are going through the same stress and agonising wait as me. I am also fighting for the injustice in the system that says its ok to lie, its ok to purposely not disclose information like this and that it is ok to steal the places that should rightfully belong to other children.

So far I have been professional, polite and courteous now it is war!