Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

My girls although only 3 and 2 have done some great things and one of the things I enjoying doing with them most is going to the seaside so I was sad to see a press release which popped into my mailbox but I feel it is important to share some of it with you.

Research to mark the launch of the splashing new Barbie DVD A Mermaid Tale 2 reveals that 49% of British children only know about the British coastline and sea life from what they see on the TV.

But that’s about to change, as statistics show the staycation trend is gathering pace with the coast the number one destination for many this summer.  The Great British Seaside is back in fashion with 35% of parents planning to ditch overseas holidays this year so their children can lap up beaches closer to home, a new poll reveals.

And with most parents insisting swimming will be the main attraction of their UK beach holiday, Puddleducks – the UK’s leading swimming trainers for babies and children – is backing the Barbie campaign to get kids to understand more about the coastline and improve their swimming skills this summer.

49% of the kids only know about it by tv, what about the ones who only know about it from books or the internet that would mean more than half of the kids have never been to the seaside and I find that really sad and so to cheer us all up I found some pictures of one of our first trips when Alison was only 8 months only and Elizabeth was yet to turn 2, Enjoy!

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