Nurturing and growing with Baby Annabell #DaywithAnnabell

We love being Baby Annabell bloggers and when we were asked if we would spend a day looking after Baby Annabell with everything that would entail we decided to accept the challenge.
We were sent a Baby Annabell doll, a buggy, a musical dummy and an accessory pack including a change of clothes, nappy and other items that will allow Elizabeth to care for Baby Annabell.

The day started fairly well with Baby Annabell enjoying a lie in (definitely my sort of baby).

The first thing Elizabeth had to do was change her out of her pyjamas ready for the day which also meant a change of nappy. Elizabeth was very intrigued by the plastic tubs so I had to explain about nappy cream and baby powder.
After changing Baby Annabell in to her day clothes it was time for her first bottle, after which she started crying so Elizabeth had to burp her and then settle her down for a nap with her musical dummy.
Unfortunately, Baby Annabell didn’t want to sleep and before Elizabeth had managed to get dressed she wanted feeding again (sounds familiar doesn’t it!)
Eventually all dressed and ready to go we headed out for the day for a bit of fresh air but soon realised that Baby Annabell didn’t have a car seat! Elizabeth said I was a bad Nanny for allowing my grabd daughter to go in the car without the correct seat. It was at this point that I started to worry that maybe she was taking these things a little too seriously, after all I am definitely not ready to be a grandparent!

​We found that Elizabeth was a bit too tall for the Baby Annabell Buggy but she still enjoyed pushing it around.

For dinner Baby Annabell decided to steal some of her mums food (we have all been there haven’t we) and got covered in chocolate cake!
Finally it was time for bed and after being cleaned up, changing in to her pyjamas and given another bottle before bed Baby Annabell settled down for the night allowing her mum to get some well earned rest!

Elizabeth had lots of fun looking after Baby Annabell for the day but the very next morning she got up and said that she needed a day off from being a Mummy and turned Baby Annabell off using the switch in her back. Now if only real babies came with that switch!