8 Nursery Decoration Trends for 2018

As the final flecks of reindeer dust are blown away by howling winter winds, it’s time to look at eight trends sweeping into nurseries in 2018. From oversized floral prints to shiny metallics and velvet plush nooks – we have every trend covered to make your littles ones’ dream nursery a reality.

Trend 1 – Lavender

While the colour purple represents royalty, lavender conveys beauty and femininity and lighter shades hold a sacred place in nature, with lavender, orchid, lilac and violet flowers considered delicate and precious.

Tired of the same, “classic” baby cribs? Why not take a brush adorned with 2018’s key colour to it? A surely soothing tone for both baby and parent, hues of lavender will be in demand this year. Expect to find pops of it in shops nestled alongside traditional pinks, beiges and blues.

Other shades expected to seep into 2018 are greens, mustards, golds and copper yellows.

Trend 2 – Metallics

Forget about wood for a moment, and bring in gold, brass and copper metal glamour to your baby’s nursery! Baby cribs in this design not only look chic, but feel it too – smooth and silken to touch.

If you’re concerned a crib of this type may feel cold, why not try designer Moses baskets with metallic print padding, blankets and swaddles. Used in moderation, metallics can bring a soft glow to a room that will lift, create ambience and fit with almost any colour scheme.

Trend 3 – The Birds and Bears

Firstly: birds – it’s all about pink flamingo prints, swan décor and peacock feathers. As bold and ethereal as they come, there is something whimsical about these birds – making each a perfect addition to any baby’s bedroom.

Secondly: bears – the loveable, shaggy brown rogues of the animal kingdom will be stomping their way into many a nursery in 2018! Making an appearance on everything, from swaddles to crib sheets and printed wallpapers!

Trend 4 – Shiplap Scandi

Commonly used as exterior siding in the construction of residences, barns, sheds and outbuildings, shiplap is the cladding effect set to take nurseries by storm in 2018. Bringing the outside in, this effect will couple well with the “Scandinavian” design trend – as soft, clean lines and natural woods effortlessly work together to create an uncluttered and light space.

Trend 5 – A Velvet Touch

The announcement of another royal wedding may have pushed this trend to the forefront, but it’s so sumptuous you won’t want to miss out! Yes, aside from being an exquisite, royal material, velvet’s soft feel is perfect for newborn skin.

Select a velvet sofa – or perhaps scatter cushions – in colours such as blush, navy or grey to truly benefit from the material this year. For added luxury (and a little self-indulgence) parents should consider acquiring a comfy velvet pouffe or ottoman in 2018 to rest weary soles.

Trend 6 – Oversized Decals

Whether it’s stars, florals or that pink flamingo we mentioned earlier – in 2018, the trend is to go BIG and bold. Oversized wall decals are the accent of choice, perfect for a feature wall or as a frame to your baby’s crib.

Large, contemporary art pieces are also big this year – perfect for making a statement in an otherwise soft and gentle nursery space. Place the art piece above the crib or changing table for maximum effect and attention from your little one’s eye!

Trend 7 – Bohemian Accents

Bohemia will take a subtle turn in 2018. Instead of choosing it as a theme, try adding accents such as fringed tassels, handmade furnishings and even hanging chairs to an otherwise modern space.

Bohemian décor is perfect for nurseries, as the mix of colourful patterned textiles, textured rugs and plush cushions have a stimulating effect on babies. But, if the look isn’t to your taste – simply break it up by introducing contemporary furniture to create a relaxed, balanced feel.

Trend 8 – Master Bedroom Nursery Nooks

Whether it’s down to space constraints or big city living, 2018 parents are opting to put the baby in a very stylish corner! If this fits your criteria, look for small, stylish cribs or Moses baskets – versatile and just the right size to pop in the corner of your master bedroom.

If this isn’t you and baby is getting a little older now, why not take on the trend and make a master bedroom nook for your child to relax in. This can be achieved by placing curved furniture and accessories (another 2018 trend), such as large patterned pillows or circular playpens and, to finish, simply add a blanket, rug and a velvet animal or two!