Not long now

I can’t believe this Friday sees Hubby start a new chapter in his life as a SAHD.

It should give the girls a much better quality of life even if it does mean that we have had to cut down on some luxuries in life.

Having Hubby at home will hopefully be a good thing although I am sure there will be days when I want him to go away for a few hours so I can do some work.

We have decided to cut our Sky package all the way down to basic entertainment as we only really watched the childrens channels and movies but it was costing us £90 a month! Our new deal costs £19 a month and includes phone, broadband and TV.

I am looking forward to having a clean organised house, not having to do the morning school run and handing over the weekly budget and food shopping to him. Every week he will need to write a meal plan for the four of us, including packed lunches for the girls and slimming world friendly food for me. We are going to be strict on our budget and if there is no money left then we will have to see where we can go without.

I know he is looking forward to the challenge and I look forward to seeing what he can do in the kitchen and how much money he can save. It may take him a bit of getting used too though as he has never been responsible for the shopping before and isn’t usually that good at spotting the best bargain. I have recommend that he takes part in meal planning Monday

I can’t wait to have more time to catch up on my blog and attend more blogging events.

I will keep you informed on how he gets on.

In the mean time he will be blogging about his life change and becoming a SAHD over at Gaming Daddy of 2.