10 Secrets to New Years Resolution Success

As 2017 approaches our minds turn to setting a new years resolution or two. However, if you want to make your resolutions last longer than a week this year, check out these secrets to success.

Choose What Matters Most

It’s best to be picky about what resolutions to set rather than going after everything at once. Therefore, focus on one or two resolutions which are particularly important to you.

Make it a Habit

Research shows it takes about 21 days to form a new habit, therefore if you can keep your resolution until late January you have a much better chance of making it a permanent change.

Get Support

Telling someone about your resolution will help you to stick at it. Friends, family or even a Facebook group can provide support and make you not want to give up because you don’t want to lose face.

Quit Smoking

If your aim is to give up smoking this year, then increase your chances by reducing your nicotine levels slowly. Vaping can be a good alternative as it removes most of the negatives associated with smoking cigarettes and gives you a better chance of long-term success. Also, there a wide range of eliquids to choose from to suit your taste.

Up Your Exercise

Signing up for a new gym membership can be expensive, especially if you have stopped using it by the 12th of January, but still have a year’s contract to pay for. Instead, why not increase your exercise levels gradually. Walk more, maybe several times around the park at lunchtime, or cycle to work instead of driving. Not only will it be a lot cheaper but it will be integral to your life and therefore more likely to last.

Eat Healthily

Crash diets don’t work and the true secret to losing weight is to eat more healthily over the long term. Instead of drastically cutting food groups out, introduce more of the things that do us good: fruit, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and good fats. You will feel full for longer and therefore less likely to reach for a biscuit by coffee break.


Cut Back on Drinking

After the excess of Christmas we all know a few weeks alcohol-free would do us good, but sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation. This year Cancer Research UK has come to the rescue. By cutting out alcohol you can raise funds to help find a cure for cancer with their Dryathlon campaign. That’s going to be a huge motivation when you are tempted to reach for a pint.

Get More Rest

The best way to give your mind some downtime is to go tech-free. This can be as simple as turning off all screens by 10pm and winding down with a book before bed.

Try Something New

New Years Resolution settings don’t always have to be about cutting back or stopping. Why not make this the year of trying something new? Try a new hobby, sport or social activity. Sometimes we all need to see new horizons to shake us out of a rut.

Forget All or Nothing

This one is probably the most important of the ten. When you fall off the wagon, don’t turn one blip into long-term failure. Lose the all-or-nothing mindset and instead focus on doing the best you can in the moment, that’s the biggest secret to any success.