New Year, New You!

I have heard this phrase being banded about a lot at the moment and I suppose it is part and parcel of starting a new year. Things that people want to change (and never get round too) are brought to the forefront of their minds. With this idea in mind I will be doing a series of posts over the coming month talking about all the things I want to change and ways to do so.

I know that I already want to get skinnier so a new diet and a new fitness plan are a way to go and a new year always makes me want to get my house in order, a bit like spring cleaning but new year cleaning instead. I want to set myself new challenges, talk about the new charity I will be supporting in 2014 and various other things that pop into my head over the coming month.

I will be reorganising rooms, decluttering the house and generally making things feel sparkly and new all over again. It might just mean a good old clean or it might mean a complete overhaul, whatever it is I will be sharing it with you.

Have you thought of anything new you want to do or change this year?