New Year, New mission

In 2014 I made a decision, my mission this year is to save a life!

It is a big mission but one that I think most of us can do.

Last week was step one, I spat into a tube and sent it through the post. I registered myself on the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow register. One day I may get that call that tells me that I am a match for someone. I may have the chance to save someones life.

We have been really lucky, Elizabeth hasn’t needed a bone marrow transplant, we know so many children who have though. Unfortunately I also know children who are still awaiting a match, ones for whom a bone marrow transplant didn’t work.

One thing that a large percentage of you can do is register to donate blood or platelets. Elizabeth had so many transfusions of both blood and platelets that as a family we felt me needed to do something about it. I have today signed up for platelet donation and so has Gaming Daddy of Two. I know that since Elizabeth was diagnosed with Leukaemia a lot of my family have made sure that they donate blood more often which is fantastic.

Have you ever given blood?