New year, new floor!

As part of my New Year, New You series I am looking to my kitchen to see what I can improve.

The first thing needed was a good old clean, especially the oven which suffered terribly over the Christmas period with juices dripping everywhere. The trusty Oven pride came out and it now looks sparkly.

Next up was the annual food clear out. With me starting back on Slimming World 98% (still too much chocolate for 100%!) I knew there were items in my cupboards sneaking around waiting to sabotage me. Most of the sabotage comes from Hubby not realising that something is quite as bad as he thought. For example Super noodles, did you know a normal packet has 10 syns yet the low fat ones are syn free?

After sorting through for all the bad stuff which was donated to the local food bank and throwing out all the out of date items my cupboards are looking a lot healthier and it is a lot easier to meal plan now too. My fridges had far too many half used jars stored in them and I have no idea why I have so many jars of jam, I never buy it unless I am baking and no one ever eats it so why is it in our fridge?

I then looked up high to all the things that had been thrown on top of the cupboards and fridges. I had no idea we stored so much rubbish up there. Chocolate tins, large Tupperware pots, empty soda stream canisters and a bag of forgotten napkins left over from a party. We really do have too much clutter for such a small kitchen. We have about 20 mugs and there are only two adults and we only ever use our own special mugs. The rest of the mugs are for guests. Obviously there will come a time when we have 20 guests and they will all want a brew and then we will feel justified by our obsessive mug collection.
I decided that to really have a good clean I needed to get all of the appliances out and clean behind them. This started off as a really good idea but unfortunately I am but one person and the fridges we have are very heavy. I really should have waited and asked Hubby for help but I never like admitting that I can’t do something by myself . I really messed up and managed to rip the floor, not once, not twice but three times and the last time I managed to pull a huge chunk of it out!

My landlord will not be impressed with this so it looks like it will be New Year, New Floor after all. Luckily for me I only have a small kitchen and some cheap vinyl flooring is easy to come buy. I even managed to find near enough the same colour and I suppose each day that you learn something new is not a wasted day.

Today I learnt that I am not strong enough to move the appliances if I dont want to rip the flooring!
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