New Year New Diet

As part of my New Year, New You series I have decided to give Slimming World my complete focus and it has been going really well. I loved eating the Pulled Pork that I made yesterday and the roast dinner the day before that was fantastic too. It always surprises me just how much I enjoy cooking Slimming world friendly foods and I try as hard as I can to make the whole meal syn free so I can use my syns to curb my chocolate cravings.
The slimming world diet that I follow is Extra Easy with the odd Red day thrown in and the occassional meal eaten using the success express ideas. If you have never looked at slimming world that would be complete gobbledegook to you but the basic principles are below (although it is a bit more complex this is just a rough guideline).

Extra Easy

2/3 plate Free food (lean meat, carbs)
1/3 plate Super free food (Fruit or veg)
1 Healthy A choice (Calcium)
1 Healthy B choice (fibre)

Red Day

Lean meat, fruit and veg – No carbs
2 Healthy A choice
2 Healthy B Choice

Green Day

Carbs, fruit and veg
2 Healthy A choice
2 Healthy B Choice

Success Express

1/3 plate Free food (lean meat, carbs)
2/3 plate Super free food (Fruit or veg)
1 Healthy A choice (Calcium)
2 Healthy B choice (fibre)

All the plans give you between 5 and 15 syns a day to be used for all the nice stuff in life.

An average day for me might include fruit or cereal for breakfast, a jacket potato, beans and salad for lunch and a spaghetti bolognese for dinner. This could be a syn free day if I used my Healthy A and B choice for the cereal and milk and didnt put any butter on my jacket potato. It is also a great way of cooking for the whole family and if you wanted garlic bread and cheese with your spaghetti bolognese you would have fruit for breakfast instead and use your A and B choices for those instead.

I know I can lose weight with Slimming World after losing two stone last year, this year I want to lose more. If I remind myself just how easy it is and stop eating all the chocolate I see maybe I can do it!