New Swatch Store now open in Manchester Arndale

When I was younger I really wanted a Swatch watch. They were so bright and colourful and it seemed that only the coolest kids had Swatch watches. With this in mind, I was really excited by the prospect of visiting the new Swatch Store that opened in the Manchester Arndale last month.

I was invited to an early morning breakfast event before the store opened to the public to choose a Swatch watch for myself and I decided to take the girls with me to see what they thought of the range too.

Swatch Watch Shop

The Swatch shop in Manchester Arndale is bright and colourful and has some amazing displays. In fact, it was seeing this giant cat watch on the wall that inspired my own watch choice.

Swatch watch shop giant cat watch


When it came to getting the kids to choose watches this was a lot harder than I thought. They were overwhelmed with the choices available in the Flik Flak range and trying to decide which one they wanted took them over an hour!

swatch shop flik flak

The bright displays and low shelves certainly made this area appealing to children. In the end, they finally decided on a watch each and they have been so proud of wearing them. I love the fact that the Flik Flak range really makes children want to learn how to tell the time and also come in a box that includes a ruler and a guide on learning how to tell the time. Alison opted for a blue skateboarder design whilst Elizabeth finally settled on a tropic bird design.

swatch watches


We love our new Swatch Watches. They had styles for every personality and it really was difficult to choose which one I wanted. From smart to fun and everything in between including the return of the Pop watches the new shop in the Manchester Arndale will make you want to buy one too!

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