NERF LASER OPS PRO blasters are on sale now!

NERF is back with a brand new product and this time there will be no picking up the darts as they litter up the garden or the house. The NERF LASER OPS PRO blasters are ready to play and come with three different play modes. We headed along to the launch event in London last week and had an amazing time.

Available as an ALPHAPOINT blaster (smaller one pictured) or a DELTABURST blaster, the NERF LASER OPS PRO blasters work with the free to download app which allows you to play single player games or multiplayer games.

We had a battle with the NERF LASER OPS PRO ALPHAPOINT blasters which are really easy to use. They come with an arm strap which can hold a smartphone. There is a button on the bottom which you hit to reload. The app can show you the other players positions using GPS and also displays your health. The more you play the more power-ups you can unlock which will make your blaster more powerful. The single player game uses your phone camera and creates drones for you to shoot. This is lots of fun and can be done from the comfort of your sofa.

The real fun is when you player a multiplayer game and this can either be as a free for all or in teams. The app even creates a league table so you know who wins The NERF LASER OPS PRO blasters dont need the app but it really adds an extra dimension to the playability of these blasters.

The NERF LASER OPS PRO blasters are available as a single ALPHAPOINT blaster for £29.99, 2 pack ALPHAPOINT blasters for £44.99 and the DELTABURST blaster for £49.99.

We had an amazing time and we were given a set of NERF LASER OPS PRO ALPHAPOINT blasters which we can’t wait to play with as a family.

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