My mum corrupted me

As I sit here sipping a glass of cool rose I think back to two weeks ago when I didnt drink. Yes thats right my mum drove me to drink (Hi Mum if you are reading this)

Two weeks ago I didnt drink wine, at all. Then we went to Butlins and there was wine, a lovely cool Zinfandel, mmmmm, I am drooling. Since then there has always been a bottle of Zinfandel in my fridge and no not the same bottle. I am testing them to see which one I like best and have so far come to the conclusion that Bare Foot is the best but I still have a few more to try.

I have yet to try the Echo Falls one or the Gallo one but I can tell you that Blossom Hill is not great.

Anyway back to the point, wine, the thing I did not drink is now something I look forward to. It destresses me, it relaxes me and at this point in my life I believe it is a life saver.

You wont see me around much at the moment as not only am I designing a website for my childminding business, writing policies and procedures and preparing my house for inspection but it is also the financial year end at work which is chaotic and means long hours.

So Mum thank you for giving me wine, I owe you one!