My Dream car #DreamCarDesign

When a pr friend of mind sent this competition over I knew exactly what I was thinking about. I have loved a particular car ever since I first saw it. It had some amazing features and I was surprised that it was not more popular.

Introducing The Homer
Ok so I can’t enter that car as my Dream car but I can take some inspiration from Homer Simpson in some ways.

Firstly the separate section for the kids is a sure winner, I much prefer to listen to Team Rock Radio than to hear whateveer film they are watching or to have to play childrens music so by keeping them separate I can keep my sanity. The kids bubble section will be top loading to prevent dings in the doors and will come fully equipped with on board potty (for number ones only). It will also have in car dvd players, games console and its own sound system.

The car horn was a bit much but by replacing it with a Late for School Siren.

Add some removable bad weather features such as the salt spreader and snow plow and the tank treads for off roading and you have an all year round vehicle which means no slipping and sliding on the school run.

The door to the front will be a sliding door so that when idiots park too close you can still get in and out of the car and the extra large boot will be for carting around all of the rubbish you seem to accumulate when you have children.

Add a few extra features like weather dependent colour changing paintwork and a spoiler just to look cool and the kids will be happy with the PeePee too.

It may be a pain to park but maybe you could  use the snow plough to gentle move cars out of your way instead?

for your chance to win £200 Amazon voucher why not have a go at entering your dream car?