Mount and Frame your Perfect Artwork

So, you’ve found the perfect artwork and have found the ideal location in your home to place it, now you need to have it framed. After all the hard work you have put into selecting the right piece of art and the emotional energy you have invested into the decision, you deserve to have your artwork displayed in the perfect frame. It can be difficult to visualise your artwork in a frame and mount, and therefore to know what would work best for your art. Read on for some tips to help you when it comes to framing and mounting your new piece.

Really consider your artwork

Keith Andrews, a framing expert told The Telegraph that the best way to frame a piece of art is to ensure that the frame enhances the work. He says that a good way to do this is to identify a colour that dominates the piece and to use this colour in the frame that you select. You could also use the theme of the piece as inspiration for your frame, for example, a seascape scene would look amazing in a rough wooden frame that resembles driftwood. The article might be worth a read for other top tips to help you choose the best frame.

What about the mounting?

Unlike when you select a frame the best advice when it comes to choosing a colour for a mount is not to extend the hues used in the artwork. Indeed, framing tips from the Artist and Illustrators website advises that it is normally best to use neutral colours such as ivory or beige when mounting art so that viewers are not distracted from the piece. They say that you can introduce colour if you wish but that to do this you should overlap two mounts with the coloured one underneath and with only a small bit of colour showing. White mounts should also be avoided as it can be too bright against the artwork and therefore not complementary.

Custom Mounting

When creating your very own custom picture mount, look for a website that will allow you to choose the exact size of your picture as well as the size of your frame so that size of mount required can be calculated accurately. If you don’t want to size your mount to the frame you are also able to choose the size of each border. There are a range of colours available for you to choose from and you can choose to add a backing mount if you wish to protect your artwork by sitting between the picture and the mount. With custom mounting, you can mount as many pictures as you like, all within one frame. Just input how many pictures you wish to display and choose the layout and they will create the mount for you.