Moshi Monsters Moshlings Series 9 Countdown – Day 6 Bubbly


Name and Species Bubbly the Rubbery Bubbery

Flexible, emotional, vivacious.

Mini Bio

Squishy beyond belief, Rubbery Bubberies are the stretchiest Moshlings ever. In fact many experts believe that these gentle, jelly-headed creatures can stretch their tentacles around the entire world of Moshi three times over and still reach the top shelf in the Gross-ery Store.

Habitat: Set sail on Potion Ocean and you’ll probably see a few Rubbery Bubberies bobbing about on the foamy waves.

Purple sprouting seaweed and Batty Bubblefish.

Pebbly beaches and the sound of balloons beings rubbed.

Rank: 154
            Rarity: Common

Elizabeth thinks that Bubbly is very cute and having stretchy tentacles would be very useful. She would ask Bubbly to get treats from the top shelf of the fridge. She would also give Bubbly lots of cuddles if she gets sad.